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Rote – Learning* :-

Indian educational institutions focuses on the learning techniques that makes u cram the lines of book and vomit it on paper. I wonder what purpose does it serve? Or to whom does it serves?

I m scared to hell, the way our Indian school and colleges are functioning its killing the innovation of the coming generation, what are we going to produce Rote-Scientists and Rote-Business Managers ?

In the era of global competition we are lagging behind like anything, the scientific discoveries and inventions of western world are lined up and we have that in numbers that we are able to count on fingers. Why is this so? Who is to be blamed?

Students who want to learn the subject are compelled due to marking system in India to adhere to the mighty memorizing technique, or they are sure to flunk in the examination. The peer pressure where every other child resorts to cramming and mugging makes that student feel that he is useless as he cannot score good marks in the examination as them and that would lead to disaster of his career as he/she would not be able to secure a decent job due to less scores on Report Card. The student watching the unemployment everywhere gets scared and he also joins the group of muggers and vomits in the exam. We have killed an engineer or a scientist or a business leader. And the murderers are roaming open in the society and are on a rampant killing spree.

Jago India Jago .. you are raping the intellect and rewarding the Crime-Partners. Understand the fact that if you do not discontinue this system you are the losers. Western Countries have a far better education system, their universities make them learn not cram, they would be leaders and you would be followers, follow the theorems they propose and memorize the law they discover.

3-Idiots tried to showcase the same, but have we got the message? No .. We haven’t changed and nor do we want to change, why should we when we are so much comfortable being servants.

Government Wake Up !! Bring changes in education system, or we are ought to lag. Educational Institutions and Organizations, see to it that you respect the knowledge not the ratta-fication. ONLY IF YOU WANT INDIA TO PROGRESS.. otherwise keep following the orders of Uncle Sam ..

[I Apologize to readers for my writing quality as I have been out of touch from writing articles for last few years, so it would take time to get on the track to bring right words to pen it down in articles, till then please do bear with me]


[The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of, and should not be attributed to, any organization he is related with]

*Rote learning is a learning technique which avoids understanding of a subject and instead focuses on memorization.


  1. Vishwajeet says:

    Its harsh reality about our education system but its useless for our government because our politicians are unimaginably corrupt. They are easily managing their children to go for studies in better schools of the world but at the same time they don’t want to change the education system of our country in correct way. Our politicians are completely inept and don’t want to make people educated because the same people may throw them out of power.

    Good Post.

  2. Sarwes Kumar says:

    yes, it’s a need of the hour to get into the questions of W’sss( why, where, when etc.)
    the method of mugging should come to an end.
    Smart thoughts.. Get going Addy……

  3. I wonder from where Rote – Learning has evolved in Indian Education System. Perhaps, in early ADs when there was a gurukul system, pupils had curriculum to mug up all shlokas. That was the time when Sanskrit in a transition for being distributed in current Indian languages. Historical evidences enumerates that Sanskrit was the language of study that time.
    certainly, if one is not being educated in his first language, it might have been evolved a tendency of Rote Learning in our ancestors. And now it is somehow a part of ours Genetic Code.

    Similarly, In the contemporary Indian Education system, English has a major impact as a mode of teaching. Again, many of us don’t have English as their first language. (My definition for first language is the language in which person thinks). However, Gradually, English is becoming a part of Urban population’s thinking through the developments, globalization, internet, etc. So next generation of urban population will have lesser tendency of Rote Learning.

    However, I can see next generation of rural population will have similar magnitute of Rote learning still prevailing, unless we really introduce some reform in Educational system.

    CBSE board has been liberalised upto a greater extent, so that pupils are free from external pressures of studies, but our society needs a gradual remorm of “3 Idiots issues”

  4. However, I disagree to one point that Indian Education System is bad. There are some scope of improvements tough. Rote learning phenomenon is actually due to the society’s approach towards education, which has lead us to be a part of rat race to be a doc or Engg. However, next gen will have a diversified career option to choose from, hence magnitute of this phenomenon will be lesser.

    Afterall, we will be parents for next gen; who have discovered this flaw!

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